What To Expect

We realise it can be a daunting experience stepping into a church for the first time especially if you don’t know what to expect. Below you can find details of what would happen if you came to one of our services. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.





During our services we will have a time of singing (you will hear it called worship). This is a time when we get opportunity to tell God how much we love him and how awesome he is. We sing a range of contempory songs, all our songs appear on screen at the front of church. People are free to stand or sit during this time, you may also see people clap or lift their hands to express their love to God.




P1050315We believe that the bible has much to teach us about every day living from relationships, to finances, to career.  We seek to teach the truths of the bible in a  practical and relevant way so it can be applied to our daily lives in order that we may be successful and live the way God intended.







Prayer is simply a way of communicating with God. During a service you may hear people pray out loud, while others may pray silently. There will be times in a service when we may pray for specific needs or situations going on in our world. As we pray we get to know God better and his heart for us and the world.

We believe that God wants to speak to us when we meet together so during the service there may also be times when people share messages God has given them. This could be in the form of a bible verse, a word of encouragement or a picture.





The bible encourages us to be a people who give generously whether that be with our time, gifts or finances. During a service we will take up an offering for those who are regular attenders of New Hope Church, we give our money as a sign of our thankfulness for God’s provision in our lives. If your a visitor there is no obligation for you to give, we just want you to enjoy the service.






Regularly on a Sunday we will have a time of communion. This is simply a time when we remember the significance of Jesus death and how he has changed our lives. We take the bread as a sign of Jesus body broken on the cross and the wine reminds us of the blood he shed for us so that we might know God.






After the Service


An important part of our Sunday experience is the time  after the service when we invite everyone to stay behind for tea or coffee and cake. This is a great time for you to introduce yourself, get to know others and to eat some cake. What could be better?