Children & Teens

New Hope Kids: Four – Ten Years Old



We believe that children are not only the church of tomorrow but they are very much the church of today. We believe children should have the opportunity to worship and learn about Jesus in a way that is fun and relevant for them, as well as being part of the main church. Every Sunday after the main worship, the children go out to their activities which includes worship, teaching, craft’s & games.


Deeper: Year 7 Upwards



We understand that teenagers face many stresses and pressures every day, it is our desire that our teens learn about who God is and how he can help them live out their lives for Christ in every aspect of their lives. Twice a month our teenagers go out for their own teaching which is designed to take them deeper into the things of God, getting them thinking, discussing and learning together.

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We have an unmanned creche which is situated just off the main hall, where there are plenty of toys and the parents can still hear everything going on in the service. We also have baby changing facilities which are situated in the ladies toilets.


Note: All of our workers are DBS checked.