Steve Lee – Elder

http://jamarley.com/jamarleybooksblog/tag/crime-fictio Steve is married to Juliet and between them they have five children and six grandchildren. Steve  retired after a 43 year Steve & Juliet2career in railway signalling and now appreciates getting regular sleep after many night shifts! Steve led a Sunday School and then a thriving youth club at St John’s, Woking, for thirteen years. Juliet and Steve then headed up the evangelism and seeker courses at St John’s for a further seven years. They joined New Hope in 2011. Apart from church, Steve & Juliet work voluntarily for Creation Ministries International, a ministry providing resources that affirm biblical truth, vital when the Bible is so often doubted. They enjoy taking walks to keep fit and it gets them away from the computers! They count it a privilege to be part of the church family at New Hope Church, and especially seeing God growing people individually and corporately. 

Cava Dè Tirreni  

Chris McSween – Elder

http://gustavosylvestre.com/actualidad/ara-san-juan-estos-procesamientos-nos-alejan-de-la-verdad-expreso-luis-tagliapietra/ Chris came to Guildford in 1978 for her first teaching job in an infant school. Chris is married to Robert and they have two adult sons and six grandchildren.                         

Vega Baja Chris moved from teaching into a clerical role somewhere along the way and worked at YMCA Guildford/YMCA DownsLink Group from 2005 until December 2019.  Since taking (slightly!) early retirement childcare has become a prominent feature of everyday life!

In 2018 Chris and Rob moved to Bellfields and love being part of this community.