Counting the cost

 Are you ready to count the cost of following Christ?


This is one of the biggest questions we face as Christians. It is really easy to say yes without giving the question a second thought, mind  after all isn’t that what we are meant to say as Christians. But do we realise what that really means?

We must not make a decision to follow Christ based on what everyone else is doing. Our decision must come from our desire to follow Christ because we love him because the truth is at the end of the day we will stand before God to account for our actions.  If we are not willing to pay the price of following Christ then scripture says we can’t be his disciples.

We need to know  that choosing to follow Christ means we must make him no. 1 priority in our lives above our family, visit this site  friends, erectile career, material possessions, hobbies, ourselves and even church.

With this is mind Jesus says we should take stock and think about what he is asking of us. Jesus is asking for total surrender and a whole life commitment (Luke 14v26-33).

Following Jesus is not the easy option, it may mean we have to give up things, it may mean we lose friends, it certainly means we have to die to our sinful nature daily and as the day draws nearer for Christ’s return it will mean we will face persecution and may even cost us our lives.

Yet all of these costs pale into insignificance in the knowledge of what we will receive if we choose to count the cost and follow him. We will receive life to the full, help in all our circumstances and in the future we will receive a crown of life, as well as our inheritance and we will spend eternity with Christ. So much to look forward too.

The truth is the call to pick up your cross and follow Christ is sometimes easier said than done, we live in a selfish culture that tells us to look after ourselves and do what is right for us. The temptation is to follow in the footsteps of the rest of society instead of totally submitting our lives to Christ as his disciple.

As disciples we can’t live in both worlds. We can’t follow the ways of society and then expect to live as an effective disciple of Christ because these two worlds are in conflict. Jesus calls us to be in the world but not of it.

Counting the cost of following Christ is more than just the decision to say yes. Being a disciple of Christ is about living a life of total surrender to the living God.  Are you living in total surrender to Christ? Or have you allowed circumstances, interests, family, friends, work or possessions to distract or perhaps even take control of the way you live.

It often happens very subtely, but if we are not careful the pull from the desires of the world and the instant gratification it brings stops our pursuit to follow Christ dead in its tracks before we even realise it.

God knows our hearts, he knows when we truly want to follow him, and he knows we will make mistakes and will not always carry our cross BUT God wants to help us live for him.

My prayer for you and for me is that we make the decision to daily count the cost to follow Christ and to daily ask the Holy Spirit for help to die to our sinful nature.

Be Blessed,

Pastor Steve

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