Covid 19 thoughts

Tuesday 5 May 2020 – Dave McSween writes:

I thought we would look at what everyone is going through right now.

Firstly, I want it on record that I don’t know if God made this pandemic happen, or if He allowed this to happen. He didn’t consult me on the subject.  But I do know that God is in control.

In Job, God encourages Satan to test Job, but God tells Satan that he can’t kill Job. I believe that Satan wanted to kill Job. That’s his role in all this. In John 10:10 it states: The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy.

So, I believe that Satan wanted to kill Job. But God had already spoken. In Job 1, we find Satan in the presence of God. God asks Satan, “Where have you been?” As if God didn’t know already. He just needed a conversation starter. Satan replies, “You know, I’ve been doing what I do.” God then says, “Well, why don’t you try your thing on my servant?” And God allows Satan to have the power over Job’s possessions. But in Job 1:12 it reads: The Lord said to Satan, “Very well, then, everything he has is in your power, but on the man himself do not lay a finger.”

So, I believe Satan wanted to kill Job, but the word of God had been spoken over Job’s life.

Anyway, regarding the virus it makes no difference whether God spoke this and it happened, or whether He gave Satan the power to do what he wanted and this is the result. Either way, we’re going through this together.

It makes me wonder how God is going to turn all this situation for our good and for His glory! That’s what has to happen. It says as much in Romans 8:28: And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God.

But it gets even better – the second half of the verse states: …And are called according to his purpose for them.

So, it is for our good and because of the purpose God has for our lives. We are all going to be learning different things during the same situation.

It’s like we’re all stuck on the M25 on a sunny day and we’re all in different cars. Some of us are in limos, with the air conditioning on, keeping it cool. Others of us are in an old school mini without enough space to move around. We’re all stuck in the situation, but with completely different contexts and experiences.

I’ve heard loads of people say, “I can’t wait to get back to normal!” I’ve even said it myself. Get back to normal. But God isn’t the God of going back, or normal. God likes doing new things. I don’t think God wants us to go back to ‘normal’. I think He wants to start a new thing. Isaiah 43:19 says as much: For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.

I want to see the pathway God has for me and my family through this wilderness.

The wilderness. It sounds similar to the time God had performed 10 ‘un normal’ miracles and freed His people from Egyptian slavery. Pharaoh changed his mind and wanted his workforce back, but God had other plans. God parted the Red Sea, as you do, and the whole nation of Israel walked through on dry land.

This was easy for God. All He has to do is say the words and it happens. God spoke and light was created. It is as simple as that for Him. Freeing the Israelites from Egypt was easy for God. He spoke and the frogs swarmed. He spoke and the locusts had a feast. He spoke and water turned into blood. He spoke and His angel killed the first born of every Egyptian family.

I believe God is using this time to shake His people out of a slumber; free people from addiction; break chains that have been holding people back for too long; perhaps just take us out of our comfort zones. I believe it is about seeing the opportunity that is being presented to us. Praying that God reveals that opportunity. Is it that as a Church we are able to offer hope to families, that is one step closer to them coming to Christ, one seed sown that will bear fruit? In our house we have taken the opportunity to worship as a family at lunch times. It’s not much different from the setup of a Sunday morning – five songs – we all choose a song and we worship as a family.

But the Israelites hearts took longer to change. In Exodus 16:3: If only the Lord had killed us back in Egypt,” they moaned. “There we sat around pots filled with meat and ate all the bread we wanted. But now you have brought us into this wilderness to starve us all to death.”

The Israelites would have rather been slaves for the rest of their lives, than go on the adventure with God. It was easier for God to get the Israelites out of Egypt, than to get Egypt out of the Israelites.

God has already rescued you from Egypt, perhaps He is using this scenario to get Egypt out of you?

Maybe He isn’t. But I urge us to seek the opportunities that God has for us during these times and trust that it will all come together for our good and His eternal glory!

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